Labour Relations Management

Manage labour relations to support, enhance and strengthen the relationships amongst trade unions, work councils and employee forums



Competency Area

Workforce Engagement


Implement solutions to resolve labour relations issues

Identify labour practices and compliance requirements in the organisational context

Analyse labour-related issues at the workplace

Liaise with involved parties to validate the credibility of claims to support collective bargaining

Communicate solutions to involved parties

Implement programmes to enhance relations with trade unions

Draft collective bargaining agreements

Document labour relations activities

Enhance labour relations at the workplace

Build networks with representatives from government and trade unions

Design programmes to enhance positive relations with trade unions

Determine the organisation’s position to prepare for collective bargaining

Negotiate with trade unions, work councils and employee forums on labour-related issues

Review collective bargaining agreements

Develop systems and processes to implement agreed outcomes of collective bargaining processes

Document collective bargaining processes and the outcomes

Establish labour relations strategies

Evaluate market trends related to labour relations practices

Analyse impact of national policy changes on labour relations practices

Formulate effective labour relations strategies to enhance working relationships between all parties

Design labour relations frameworks and policies to support the strategies

Influence representatives of government, union heads, and external HR leaders

Lead the collective bargaining processes to achieve mutually agreeable outcomes

Direct the preparation and implementation of collective bargaining agreements