Coordination in coursed related work and stenographic assistance

Assisting in schedule, organize and coordinate various training programmes with the officer and taking dictation and transcribed them.

Collaboration / Bilateral agreements / Cooperation in the field of Water Resources with Foreign countries including signing of memoranda of understanding.

Obtaining in-principle approval of the Department of Water Resources, RD & GR for the State Government projects seeking external assistance from Multilateral Banks/ Foreign Funding agencies after getting them examined by Central Water Commission and other concerned Organizations at the PPR and DPR stage.

Write notes in accordance with guidelines listed in Manual of Office Procedures

Draft minutes of meetings

Arrange papers in prescribed order

Coordinate and arrange for meetings among senior officers, between representatives of departments, various stakeholders, etc,

Inform/update stakeholders about approved course of action

Draft memos for internal and external stakeholders as per guidelines listed in the Manual of Office Procedures

Lead technology / IT integration-related engagements of ABDM with all involved/interested entities in that state/UT (ex: govt. programs, service providers, insurance companies, HMIS/LIMS applicaitons, telemedicine service providers etc.)

Manage end-to-end onboarding of stakeholders form the existing healthcare ecosystem in the state/UT onto ABDM - with respect to integration of the respective systems with ABDM IT platform

Leverage ABDM/NHA recommeded guidelines, Sandbox integration FAQs and other relevant documentation to develop a relevant, state-specific integration stragy and implement it such that potential integrators are given the necessary support in terms of handholding and troubleshooting wherever necessary.

Monitor uptake and utilization of the ABDM ecosystem by the integrated entities / stakeholders and ensure timely resolution of any technology-related challenges hampering this uptake and use of the ABDM platform

Set-up and manage teams within the state implementation agency such as a 24/7 helpdesk/call center and grievance redressal system with focus on state-specific context (ex: support in vernacular language)

Maintain and supervise a systematic issue-escalation and resolution mechanism such that transparency and timely mitigation is ensured

Set-up and oversee business processes to ensure consistent communication channel with NHA/ABDM teams (product management, software development, etc.) such that state-specific issues can be raised, escalated and resolved in a timely manner

Identify implications of state and central-govt. driven acts/bills/guidelines on the ABDM IT infrastructure being set-up at the state level and ensure necessary compliance

Set-up and implement processes to conduct IT compliance related audits and checks to ensure idenficiation and mitigation of vulnerabilties

Actively participating in class discussions.

maintain rosters, writing of CRs / issue of leave memos in respect of Postman and MTS staff including GDS