Job Analysis and Evaluation

Define and evaluate job requirements and expectations against specific metrics, structures or systems



Competency Area

Employee Attraction


Conduct Job Analysis

Gather information on job requirements from line managers to develop job descriptions

Collate documentation used for job evaluations

Communicate information on methodologies and tools used in job evaluation to relevant employees

Document input on activities performed by job incumbents

Disseminate endorsed job descriptions to relevant parties

Perform Organisation analyses and job evaluations

Implement the role clarification processes

Conduct job analyses to identify duties and responsibilities of a job

Develop job descriptions

Analyse current job descriptions to ensure continued relevance

Identify unique job roles to be evaluated

Evaluate the sizes of jobs against pre-defined criteria

Explain rationale and supporting evidence for job evaluation outcomes

Review job analysis and evaluation processes

Oversee the role clarification and job analysis processes

Review job descriptions for accuracy and continued relevance

Recommend improvements and refinements to job descriptions and role clarification processes

Review job analysis processes

Oversee job evaluation processes to ensure robustness of methodologies applied

Review accuracy of job evaluation results

Present job evaluation results to senior stakeholders

Develop review systems for obtaining feedback on the job clarification and design processes