Involuntary Exit Management

Establish and implement frameworks, guidelines, policies and processes to manage involuntary exits



Competency Area

Employee Separation


Administer processes for involuntary employee exits

Administer involuntary exit processes according to organisational policies and procedures

Draft documentation required for involuntary exits

Provide information to employees on involuntary exit policies

Maintain comprehensive records of involuntary employee exits

Manage involuntary employee exits

Communicate termination and retirement policies to stakeholders

Support employees’ supervisors in managing involuntary exits

Analyse information provided for involuntary exit cases for reporting and verification purposes

Conduct exit interviews

Advise employee of regulations against competition, disclosure and litigation

Inform exiting employees of available assistance and options of alternate employment

Document exit interview feedback

Maintain professionalism in interactions with exiting employees to uphold organisation reputation

Review documentation related to involuntary exits

Analyse data related to the impact of involuntary exits

Develop policies on involuntary exit processes

Develop involuntary exit policies in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

Establish guidelines for involuntary exit processes

Coach stakeholders on involuntary exit procedures

Engage unions on involuntary exit decisions and procedures

Ensure performance- related involuntary exits adhere to legal requirements

Formulate measures and criteria to determine the impact of involuntary exits

Establish strategies on manage involuntary exits

Determine business impact of retirements and redundancies on the organisation

Identify business processes re-design, job re-design, training, reskilling and other opportunities to minimise involuntary exits

Develop HR strategies to minimise impact of involuntary exits

Advise senior leadership on the communication of involuntary exit decisions

Review industry best practices to involuntary exit policies

Manage regulatory bodies and external stakeholders' perceptions following involuntary exits

Enhance existing policies to increase effectiveness and alignment to organisational requirements