Industry Networking

Establish broad external networks to enhance the organisation's value proposition and access to a community of professionals and potential candidates



Competency Area

Employee Attraction


Maintain industry networks for talent attraction

Maintain database of contacts to facilitate access to potential recruits

Participate in human resource (HR) events to increase access to potential recruits and professional contacts

Communicate with individuals within existing industry networks and databases

Source for potential talent from existing industry networks and databases

Sustain positive relationships with industry contacts

Manage networks to attract potential candidates

Develop database of contacts to facilitate access to potential recruits

Identify key influencers and stakeholders within the industry

Reach out to key stakeholders through current contacts to deepen network

Expand existing networks by assessing market situation to identify new contacts

Enhance organisation’s branding and position as an employer of choice through external events

Build networks to promote employer reach and brand

Develop networking strategies to gain access to target contacts and candidates

Build networks of senior industry and professional contacts

Make inroads into new networks and communities that can further the organisation’s HR agenda

Create a strong personal brand as a HR professional to attract senior candidates to the organisation

Present insights via public and digital platforms to create personal branding

Identify opportunities for hires of potential candidates equipped with the required skills

Champion the organisation’s human resource (HR) agenda

Represent the organisation through proactive participation in professional associations

Present thought leadership on local, regional and global platforms

Champion large-scale HR initiatives to set trends in the industry

Build upon regional and global networks of contacts including senior stakeholders