Human Resource Systems Management

Establish and manage effective and efficient human resource (HR) management systems



Competency Area

General Human Resource Management


Operate human resource (HR) management systems

Access HR systems to input required information

Verify accuracy of information to be entered into HR management systems

Input data into HR management systems according to policies and procedures

Access systems to retrieve required information for report generation

Review information to ensure accuracy, reliability and sufficiency of information relevant to its intended use

Identify errors in the HR systems

Recommend improvements for increasing effectiveness of the systems

Troubleshoot minor system issues

Implement human resource (HR) management systems

Challenge current processes and identify opportunities to enhance HR processes and practices by leveraging on technology solutions

Gather user requirements to support the development and implementation of HR systems

Manage HR systems implementation to ensure project requirements are met

Engage stakeholders to gain buy-in and support for the rollout of the HR management systems

Manage rollout plans to ensure organisational readiness for implementation

Evaluate implementation efforts to identify areas for improvement

Evaluate human resource (HR) management systems

Evaluate existing HR management systems to identify areas for improvement

Analyse market trends related to HR management systems

Evaluate software system options and vendors that cater to the identified HR management systems requirements

Recommend HR management systems solutions aligned to organisational needs and objectives

Align business needs with HR management

Analyse the impact of HR management systems on the organisation

Determine the uses of the HR management systems to support HR initiatives and programmes

Project future needs of the HR management systems

Establish guidelines and criteria for evaluating HR management systems

Review recommendations on HR management systems

Endorse HR management systems solutions that align to the organisational needs, objectives and budgets