Human Resource Service Quality Management

Develop and implement human resource (HR) service management frameworks, incorporating service quality standards, agreements and metrics



Competency Area

General Human Resource Management


Implement of HR service management frameworks

Develop service quality agreements with internal stakeholders

Evaluate data on current service quality levels

Review HR services against metrics in the service quality management frameworks

Communicate findings and outcomes of HR service quality reviews to relevant stakeholders

Identify opportunities for continuous improvement of HR service quality

Review HR service quality agreements

Manage service level agreements

Establish frameworks for HR service quality

Analyse merits of different service delivery structures and standards

Implement HR service quality standards

Design target HR service delivery structures and models

Develop HR service management frameworks

Establish HR service quality standards and targets to be achieved

Develop service excellence metrics and indicators

Recommend changes to service level agreements to enhance alignment with service delivery models

Build service-oriented mindset within the HR department

Define framework for service delivery model

Determine best HR operating models based on the organisation’s business strategies

Inspire service quality excellence amongst senior management

Drive the attainment of service quality certifications for the HR function

Approve changes to service level agreements