Group Dynamics Facilitation

Assess group profile and dynamics to inform learning facilitation and group interaction approaches



Competency Area

Learning Delivery


Use a manual and improvise within permitted limits

Understand the group structure and composition

Use the context and objectives of facilitation to help the group

Understands different methods and processes to facilitate group interactions and responses and is adept at least 3 of them

Able to influence group dynamics on individual behaviours

Creates materials and resources supporting group facilitation

Practices active listening techniques

Assess group dynamics to inform facilitation approach

Determine the context and objectives of facilitation

Develop a facilitation plan to achieve desired objectives

Deploy facilitation skills and techniques in accordance with plan to achieve objectives

Assist in establishing ground rules for group behaviour

Deploy active listening techniques to understand nuances of group dynamics

Maintain ongoing process checks in order to manage disruptions which may undermine facilitation outcomes

Provide actionable feedback on an individual and group basis

Evaluate effectiveness of facilitation for continuing professional development

Formulate group dynamics facilitation strategies

Design framework for facilitation plans

Define principles of effective group dynamics

Integrate group psychology theories into facilitation approaches and techniques

Lead constructive debates with learners

Manage conflicts to encourage group understanding of different viewpoints and challenges

Deploy questioning techniques to facilitate critical and creative thinking

Develop approaches for group review and reflection

Embrace diversity to create an inclusive environment

Provide customised feedback to learners in a group or one-to-one basis

Devise strategies to enhance group collaboration and cohesion in future facilitation activities