Employer Branding

Facilitate programmes to communicate Employee Value Proposition to new hires and prospective hires into the organisation



Competency Area

Employee Attraction


Support the implementation of onboarding programmes

Prepare standard new hire information kits

Liaise with internal teams to ensure logistics support for new hires

Gather feedback from new hires on onboarding programmes

Implement onboarding programmes

Identify needs of new hires

Develop materials for orientation programmes for new hires

Facilitate engagement of new hires with senior management for integration into the organisation

Monitor employee engagement of new hires

Analyse new hire turnover rates

Identify gaps in engagement of new hires

Assess effectiveness of onboarding programmes

Propose actions to address gaps or areas for improvement in onboarding processes

Design onboarding programmes for new hires

Design orientation programmes for new hires

Facilitate orientation programmes for new hires

Drive commitment to the organisational brand and culture in new hires through onboarding programmes

Analyse new hire feedback on the overall onboarding experience

Develop plans for new hire integration

Identify drivers of engagement of new hires

Leverage predictive analytics to derive insights on turnover and employee integration from new hire metrics

Make improvements to onboarding programmes

Design and enhancement of onboarding programmes

Envision the desired employee onboarding experience

Oversee the end-to-end development and implementation of orientation programmes

Drive design of onboarding programmes based on industry trends

Spearhead opportunities to involve senior management and other key personnel in new hire integration

Present insights on impact of new hire integration on engagement and performance

Direct corrective action plans to address areas of improvement in new hire onboarding programmes