Employee Relationship Management

Strengthen employee relationships and facilitate resolutions to conflicts and disputes



Competency Area

Workforce Engagement


Resolve employee disputes and sustain relationships

Formulate employee engagement

Liaise with senior stakeholders to share employee engagement insights

Evaluate impact of employee engagement levels and their drivers on organisation effectiveness

Drive the resolution of conflicts

Assess ground sentiments to identify opportunities and concerns in employee relationships

Analyse the nature and sources of conflicts, grievances and disputes

Identify relevant resolution actions and processes to handle employee conflicts, grievances and disputes

Investigate routine and transactional employee disputes and conflicts according to organisational policies and guidelines

Recommend procedures to resolve transactional conflicts

Implement resolution processes in accordance with organisational policies and guidelines

Document employee conflicts, resolutions and outcomes

Strengthen employee relationships at workplace

Identify potential employee relationship issues

Oversee resolution of transactional employee relationship issues

Liaise with involved parties to investigate the validity and credibility of claims

Develop solutions to resolve employee conflicts, grievances and disputes

Facilitate negotiation and conflict resolution meetings with involved parties to achieve mutually agreeable outcomes

Oversee implementation of agreed outcomes

Review documentation of employee conflicts, resolutions and outcomes

Recommend programmes and initiatives to strengthen relationships among employees

Formulate strategies to strengthen employee relationships

Analyse internal and external trends that impact employee relationships

Formulate strategies, policies and processes to strengthen employee relationships at the workplace

Develop frameworks for managing conflicts, grievances and disputes

Secure buy-in from stakeholders on employee relationship management strategies

Mediate employee relationships issues

Monitor trends and factors that impact employee relationship strategies

Evaluate feasibility of proposed initiatives to cultivate strong relationships among employees

Review employee relationship strategies and frameworks to enhance positive employee relations