Employee Communication Management

Formulate overall employee communication strategies and facilitate conversations to ensure effective and timely dissemination of pertinent information to employees



Competency Area

Workforce Engagement


Disseminate information to employees

Identify objectives of employee communication

Collate information required to prepare communication materials

Prepare employee communication materials and information kits for programmes and initiatives

Disseminate communications using pre-identified communication channels and tools

Monitor the progress of dissemination to ensure that the communications are in accordance with the roll-out plans

Address simple queries from employees on information communicated

Gather feedback on effectiveness of various communication techniques and modes

Facilitate conversations with and among employees

Translate organisational employee communication strategies into operational plans

Develop detailed employee communication plans

Guide preparation of employee communication materials in accordance with communication plans

Review communication materials and information kits to be disseminated

Adapt communication styles, approaches and modes of delivery to target audience

Facilitate group discussions among employees to gear towards a decision

Resolve complex queries or issues related to the information communicated

Oversee execution of communication activities for the targeted audience in accordance with communications plans

Assess effectiveness of communication techniques and modes employed

Develop diversity strategies aligned to values

Establish employee communication strategies

Align objectives of employee communication to organisation’s objectives

Introduce new approaches that can reach out to employees more effectively

Review development and execution of employee communication plans

Evaluate overall effectiveness of communication plans and delivery of the intended messages

Revise communication plans to increase efficiency and effectiveness