Contract Development and Management

Manage contract creation, evaluation, negotiation, tendering to maximise operation and financial performance of an organisation



Competency Area

Stakeholder and Customer Management


Draft contracts & monitor supplier performance

Prepare drafts of contracts providing relevant and accurate information and clauses, in accordance to specified contract timelines

Monitor activities and performance of supplier against contract terms

Identify supplier performance issues

Document changes and updates to contracts and agreements

Maintain communications with suppliers on a day-to- day basis

Maintain internal communications pertaining to supplier performance

Review contracts and documents to ensure alignment

Review business contracts according to negotiated service levels, vitiating factors and purchasing ethics

Drive contract creation timelines and milestones

Facilitate tender development and submissions

Review supplier efficiency and effectiveness

Negotiate service levels with service providers

Drive business negotiations with vendors to ensure business profitability

Determine needs of organisation and construct specifications for purchases

Formulate strategies to obtain optimum mix of reliability, costs and services from service providers

Oversee management of contract creation, evaluation, negotiation and tendering

Evaluate tendering risks

Formulate metrics for supplier assessment