Career Framework Design

Establish career frameworks to provide pathways to facilitate employees' career development and progression within the organisation



Competency Area

Workforce Development


Develop detailed competencies at proficiency levels

Analyse current career movements

Support the development of career frameworks

Prepare guidelines for career progression

Communicate career frameworks to the workforce to generate awareness

Incorporate enhancements to career pathways

Maintain components of career frameworks to ensure relevance of information for use

Design career frameworks within an organisation

Engage stakeholders to identify key job information

Identify links between jobs based on key competencies

Design vertical, lateral and diagonal pathways among jobs in the organisation

Finalise guidelines for career progression

Identify opportunities for career frameworks to support other human resource (HR) initiatives and programmes

Educate stakeholders on the benefits of the career frameworks

Measure effectiveness of career framework design

Review the alignment of the career frameworks to organisational plans and objectives

Recommend improvements and enhancements to pathways within the career frameworks

Facilitate the development of career frameworks

Direct the development of organisation-wide career frameworks

Align the career frameworks with the overall human resource (HR) strategies

Lead the integration of career frameworks with other HR initiatives and programmes

Endorse refinements to career frameworks to reflect changes in organisational strategy and employee preferences