Benefits Management

Manage the implementation, review and administration of benefits to employees



Competency Area

Workforce Engagement


Prepare data required for benefits management

Gather information required to perform benefits calculation

Input data into benefits system to support processing activities

Check benefits documentation received from employees

Track benefits administered to employees

Update records to ensure accuracy and completion of benefits processing

Gather feedback from employees on benefits schemes

Source for external vendors for benefits programmes

Administer benefits to employees

Consolidate information required to perform benefits calculation

Assign benefits entitlements to employees based on eligibility

Calculate benefits pay-out in accordance with organisational policies

Reconcile calculations with benefits allocations to ensure accurate disbursement of benefits

Resolve queries pertaining to benefits eligibility

Ensure legitimate use of benefits systems

Engage authorised parties to obtain approval for benefits claims

Activate payments in accordance with organisational policies and procedures

Analyse employee feedback to share insights with seniors

Prepare contracts with benefits vendors

Implement benefits management processes

Translate benefits design strategies into benefits programmes which reflects organisation and labour market conditions

Develop processes and procedures which support the benefits structure

Implement benefits programmes aligned to organisation's total remuneration strategies

Manage in-house benefits administration team to ensure accurate and timely administration of benefits

Verify benefits calculations and documentations to audit anomalies

Approve benefit claims in accordance with organisational policies and procedures

Liaise with benefits vendors to renew or end contracts

Develop processes and systems for gathering data and feedback on benefits programmes effectiveness

Evaluate existing benefits programmes and processes

Recommend improvements to benefits management and administration processes

Develop benefits programmes and processes

Review emerging benefits trends and processes to understand current market

Formulate benefits design strategies and policies

Align benefits policies, processes and

programmes with prevailing legislation to ensure compliance

Ensure benefits programmes and practices are in line with organisational budgets

Engage key stakeholders to gain approval on benefits programmes

Analyse measurement data and feedback to identify potential improvements

Refine benefits management programmes, policies and processes