Assessment Design and Implementation

Design and implement assessment methods and tools to evaluate learner progress



Competency Area

Learning Assessment and Evaluation


Implement assessment methods and tools

Interpret assessment plans to define assessment requirements, methods and tools with relevant stakeholders

Prepare candidates for assessments

Prepare assessment venue and resources

Conduct assessments in accordance with assessment plans

Deploy appropriate assessment tools and methods

Record assessment decision in accordance with principles of assessment and evidence-based assessment principles

Record assessment evidence to support assessment decisions

Provide clear and constructive feedback to candidates regarding the assessment decisions

Review effectiveness of assessment plans in assessing the required competencies

Apply code of ethics when conducting assessments

Facilitate effective assessment implementation

Define the framework for assessment implementation

Develop assessment plans

Assess relevance and applicability of emerging assessment practices

Determine the criteria for selecting appropriate assessment tools with relevant stakeholders

Identify appropriate assessment tools for different assessment methods

Develop relevant assessment tools in accordance with selected assessment methods

Evaluate quality assurance issues in assessment tools and methods

Review assessment tools with relevant stakeholders to determine areas of improvement

Analyse the effectiveness of assessment methods and tools to measure learners progress

Drive effective assessment design and implementation

Establish the purpose of assessment design processes in measuring learning effectiveness

Oversee assessment design processes

Set guiding principles to evaluate emerging assessment practices

Determine implication of trends and developments in assessment practices

Lead alignment of organisation's assessment practices with relevant best practices

Manage quality assurance issues in assessment design and implementation processes

Evaluate effectiveness of assessment methods and tools to measure learner progress