Accreditation Structure Management

Design accreditation structures and award learning qualifications based on assessments of alignment with accreditation requirements



Competency Area

Learning Assessment and Evaluation


Basic usage of accreditation systems

Is aware of the National and global education accreditation requirements

Able to line the organisation's courseware development, delivery with assessment practices

Is able to adapt to types of accreditation and certification approaches

Can undertake the steps in the accreditation process and assessment weightage methods under guidance

Evaluate accreditation structures

Interpret accreditation processes and requirements

Monitor compliance of courseware, delivery and assessment processes with accreditation requirements

Assess alignment of assessment module structure with accreditation requirements

Implement processes to award learning qualifications based on accreditation requirements

Develop accreditation structures and processes

Conduct research on accreditation policies and requirements

Develop accreditation structures aligned with national and global regulations

Evaluate accreditation eligibility of learning offerings

Establish detailed requirements for certification and qualification procedures

Review accreditation cases in accordance to requirements and guidelines

Formulate processes and approaches to manage escalated accreditation cases

Evaluate accreditation processes

Identify improvements to the accreditation process