Workplace Optimisation

Plan and manage the work spaces to encourage collaboration and build organisation culture



Competency Area

Human Resource Planning


Monitor employees’ utilisation and experience of the workplace environment

Monitor the utilisation of work spaces and facilities

Monitor the impact of work spaces and layouts on employees’ experience and productivity

Propose improvements to the physical work environment that will support the desired organisational culture

Plan enhancements to the workplace environment

Review effectiveness of existing physical work environment

Manage workplace environment to ensure quality and efficiency of work operations

Maximise workplace infrastructure budget utilisation

Develop innovative and efficient ways of achieving office operational requirements

Evaluate feasibility of proposed improvements to the workplace environment and infrastructure

Justify workplace environment enhancement initiatives

Direct the planning and management of the workplace environment

Guide the planning and conceptualisation of the organisation’s desired workplace environment

Evaluate impact of existing physical work environment on workforce effectiveness and productivity

Acquire additional resources to improve the quality and efficiency of the workplace

Anticipate strategic impact of workplace environment enhancement initiatives

Endorse improvements to the workplace environment

Evaluate long-term ROI from workplace environment enhancements