Technology Infrastructure Management and Integration

Evaluate the latest available technologies to integrate into existing operations so as to improve customer service, reduce costs and streamline supply chains



Competency Area

Technology Management


Implement new technology infrastructures for integration into existing operations

Analyse areas for improvement in technology infrastructures

Analyse new technologies for suitability of integration into existing technology infrastructures

Analyse requirements for upgrades or changes through analysis of interoperability status of existing systems and applications

Implement installations and configurations of infrastructures to meet business requirements

Maintain technology infrastructures and monitor performance and capacity on a daily basis

Implement IT security control procedures to ensure compliance, including verifying user accounts against the approved user access matrix for security access

Develop technology options

Review various products and vendors against system architecture requirements to determine the best IT solution

Develop infrastructure plans to implement, configure and test integration of new technologies into existing technology infrastructures

Review capabilities and reliability of integration of new technologies into existing technology infrastructures

Review daily operations of technology infrastructures to ensure optimal use of system resources

Facilitate periodic capacity planning and perform hardware and software upgrades of servers

Review performance of IT security control procedures

Lead selection of new technologies for implementation

Evaluate and select relevant tools and techniques for development of application infrastructure components

Lead development and integration of new technology infrastructures

Drive technology infrastructure integration plans across entire organisation through generating buy- ins from critical stakeholders

Prioritise technology infrastructure deliverables

Formulate IT security control procedures to ensure protection against known and potential threats