Tax Advisory

Apply relevant and holistic tax advisories for better strategic management



Competency Area



Research tax-related data and information

Gather data on business operations and processes to assist in tax advisories

Gather data on the relationship and connections between various business to assist in tax advisories functions

Gather data on tax developments to assist in tax advisories

Highlight relevant tax issues and provide recommendations on tax matters

Review data on various tax developments

Analyse data on business operations and processes

Form recommendations on tax issues and implications

Compile references in a systematic and organised manner to support tax advice

Review and approve tax advices

Analyse the recommended technical positions and overall advice in the draft tax advice

Present tax advice in a manner that is easily understood by client or management

Ascertain best practices on managing tax

Provide strategic directions for tax advices

Identify key business drivers and overall business model

Review analysis of relevant tax impact

Review the tax positions and overall tax strategy vis-Ã-vis business strategy

Review all materials and references for tax advices

Review draft framework to support the provision of tax advice vis-Ã-vis client’s or organisation’s business strategy