Solution Architecture

Design or refine a solution blueprint or structure to guide the development of IT solutions in hardware, software, processes or related components, to meet current and future business needs. The solution architecture developed may lead to broad or specific changes to IT services, operating models and processes, and should provide a framework to guide the development and modification of solutions



Competency Area

Design and Architecture


Develop a solution architecture and prepare a technical blueprint

Develop an architectural proof of concept

Develop a solution architecture utilising appropriate tools, techniques and models of system components and interfaces

Identify technical and practical requirements as well as stakeholders' demands

Prepare a technical blueprint for a solution in a given area

Demonstrate how the recommended IT solutions and components collectively address an existing business problem or need

Implement regular system reviews to monitor solution status and make modifications, according to an architecture management framework

Establish frameworks and determine relevant tools and techniques to guide the development IT solutions

Establish high-level structures and frameworks to guide the development of IT solutions incorporating various processes, hardware and software components

Determine relevant design tools or modelling techniques required to develop a solution architecture and blueprint

Align requirements of various internal and external stakeholders, as well as technical, functional and service requirements within a solution architecture

Coordinate multiple solution architecture components and design activities, ensuring consistency and compatibility within a target framework

Articulate value added by the solution to the business needs

Establish processes to regularly monitor, test and review solution architecture against business requirements

Significant industry impact

Synthesise new technology, models and concepts as part of an IT solution

Articulate impact of emerging trends, schools of thought, and developments in and beyond the ICT industry on the solutions developed

Endorse architectural proof of concepts

Spearhead innovative and ground-breaking solutions that significantly impact the industry