Programming and Coding

Develop technical capabilities to understand, design and write instructions to be processed by computers as software programmes to achieve desired outcomes



Competency Area

Digital and Data Management


Apply macros, programming and coding to meet business needs

Support identification of opportunities to use macros, programming and coding

Write macros that are aligned with business requirements

Apply logic to translate business requirements to macros

Gather information on programming languages that are available to satisfy business requirements

Edit simple macros, programmes and codes to meet business needs

Detect issues with macros, programmes and codes and escalate them to relevant stakeholders

Support documentation processes to provide updates to relevant stakeholders

Analyse business objectives to identify programming and coding opportunities

Analyse and translate business requirements of software into multiple functions

Write programmes and codes that are aligned with business requirements

Draft coding frameworks as a guide for organising codes

Select appropriate programming languages for business use cases

Code solutions using required programming languages

Assess written codes to identify errors and gaps to be addressed

Test and debug codes to ensure workability

Incorporate improvements and make corrections to programmes and codes to achieve desired outcomes

Document programming and coding updates and changes for business and technical professionals

Design guidelines for the formulation of programmes and codes

Gather and interpret business requirements of software through business use cases

Review and propose overall coding best practices to guide individuals in executing coding

Review and detect errors within written codes and communicate accordingly with relevant stakeholders

Test completed codes to identify gaps and possible improvement areas

Manage programming and coding activities to monitor outputs

Group coding outputs using a systematic approach

Ensure programming and coding documentation is accurate and complete