Programme Management

Manage multiple projects within the organisation to identify efficiencies of common policies, procedures and practices



Competency Area

Project Management


Execute activity plans in one's assigned scope following project plans

Identify feasible activity plans to meet project schedules

Escalate project delays to superiors

Adjust activity schedules to account for delays

Prepare phase management plans to support project plans

Infer core activities to be executed within a given project schedule to develop phase management plan

Execute project plans

Monitor progress of project activities

Report on activity status and relevant delays

Modify phase management plans accordingly

Implement project management plans to ensure the project meets requirements

Deploy detailed project management plans

Control project plans on a regular basis to manage project schedule, cost and quality of deliverables

Assess potential project issues

Manage project contingencies

Report on project progress to senior executives

Develop programme management plans to control individual project planning and management outcomes

Develop programme management plans following protocols

Control individual project planning and management

Evaluate module planning and manage outcomes in accordance with project requirements

Endorse project deliverables according to organisational risk and quality control policies and processes

Execute programme management plans

Review project life cycles to ensure that projects meet agreed on programme objectives

Oversee all contract terms and conditions

Influence commercial and business decisions

Devise programme management protocols and lead review of project outcomes

Set overall direction of organisation's programme and project portfolio in alignment with organisational strategic direction

Build business relationships with strategic customers to support future programmes

Translate broad programme direction and business objectives into structured programme management protocols

Drive internal programme working environment to meet needs and expectations of senior leadership

Formulate programme performance measures in accordance with programme requirements

Measure programme outcomes to ensure adherence to set targets

Guide mitigation of large-scale risks to resolve issues