Policy Implementation and Revision

Identify priority areas for policy development and evaluate existing policies to determine currency and relevance before implementing policies



Competency Area

Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance


Draft and modify policies based on outcomes of consultation

Write and develop policy documents based on strategic direction

Interpret organisational policies and procedures to identify discrepancies, misalignment or deficiencies

Implement and follow procedures to execute policies

Provide staff with updates on policies and procedures

Identify possible improvements for policy implementations and make appropriate suggestions

Identify priority areas

Monitor resources in relation to implementation of policies and procedures

Review the effectiveness of policies and procedures based on defined success indicators

Socialise changes and updates on policies and procedures through targeted communication and briefing efforts

Take actions to ensure staff compliance to policies and procedures

Provide feedback on the effectiveness of the procedures

Develop policy compliance mechanisms, strategic directions and goals according

Develop policies and frameworks according to organisational strategic direction and business needs

Devise policy compliance mechanisms

Determine and formulate strategic directions and goals using appropriate consultation processes with relevant stakeholders when developing policies

Advocate for practice and adherence to policies and procedures