Partnership Management

Build cooperative partnerships with inter-organisational and external stakeholders and leveraging of relations to meet organisational objectives. This includes coordination and strategising with internal and external stakeholders through close cooperation and exchange of information to solve problems



Competency Area

Business Management


Support partnerships with external stakeholders and organisations

Support the identification of potential initiatives, programmes and projects with other organisations

Coordinate partnerships with external stakeholders

Maintain communication channels with inter- organisational stakeholders and partners

Propose strategic initiatives with other organisations

Propose potential strategic initiatives, programmes and projects with other organisations

Identify common issues as well as mutual benefits and potential gains of collaborating with other organisations

Establish communication channels with inter- organisational stakeholders, to coordinate, address needs, queries or concerns, and facilitate consensus-building

Analyse strategic impact or outcomes of external partnerships to determine effectiveness of partnerships

Negotiate strategic information exchange with key partners

Manage inter- organisational initiatives, programmes and projects

Evaluate potential organisations and assess the costs and benefits of a shared partnership

Recommend potential organisations with shared or complementary objectives, or which allow for mutual benefits of a shared partnership

Negotiate the strategic exchange of information with key partners or stakeholders

Co-create a robust inter- organisational strategy to effectively address common issues faced

Evaluate effectiveness of partnerships and identify room for enhancement

Inspire direction and define key imperatives for inter- organisational partnerships

Inspire direction for inter- organisational partnerships and culture of collaboration

Define key imperatives of partnerships with external organisations and stakeholders for mutual benefits

Leverage broad and deep networks and relations to establish cooperative and strategic partnerships and meet organisational objectives

Lead negotiations for key partnership agreements

Lead communications with top management or senior leaders from other organisations on an international scale

Define a robust inter- organisational strategy in consultation with partners and organisation representatives