Marketing Strategy Development

Perform market research to determine the ideal marketing strategy and positioning of products/servoces



Competency Area

Sales and Marketing


Conduct market climate surveys to determine ideal marketing positioning and strategy for energy products

Conduct research to support the analysis of market insights for recommending marketing strategies and positionings

Collate relevant data on product performance and marketing effectiveness from various internal or external sources

Gather data on customer preferences, consumer trends and competitors

Consolidate information gathered through data collection process

Maintain integrity of data collected in accordance to privacy laws

Generate insights and recommendations from data and findings from market surveys

Analyse information collected on the market environment, customer behaviour, product features, corporate resources and strengths to formulate recommendations for market strategies and positionings

Determine trends within the market that may impact the organisation’s products and services

Measure consumer behaviour and business outcomes based on specific indicators

Conduct situation analysis on the organisation's positioning in the market, competitors and the marketplace

Evaluate current micro and macro environment as well as the competitive potential of the organisation

Synergise marketing strategy and positioning with pricing and product development plans

Evaluate the capacity of the organisation

Analyse and evaluate the past successful market share ratio of the organisation to determine new market opportunities favourable for its business development

Review market strategies and key performance indicators with pricing and product development plans

Formulate methods to manage and monitor the effectiveness of marketing strategies and their plans