Knowledge Management

Drive knowledge management through establishing, maintaining and improving processes and systems



Competency Area

General Management


Consolidate and categorise intellectual capital

Implement processes to consolidate organisational intellectual capital and knowledge

Categorise intellectual capital in alignment with organisation policies and practices

Ensure alignment of organisation's knowledge management practices with organisation's standardisation and confidentiality requirements

Implement processes which mitigate information life cycle risks

Identify any issues or inconsistencies in knowledge management systems

Contribute to a knowledge sharing culture across the organisation

Manage and optimise knowledge management systems

Assess suitability of knowledge management systems, technologies and tools

Maintain knowledge management system infrastructure

Develop knowledge management processes and policies which mitigate information life cycle risks

Implement processes to manage intellectual capital

Communicate knowledge sharing policies and processes across the organisation

Assess effectiveness of knowledge management systems

Evaluate organisation compliance with knowledge management policies and processes

Incorporate user feedback on knowledge management systems and processes

Propose improvements to knowledge management processes

Promote knowledge sharing practices and culture across the organisation

Establish and drive a culture of collaborative knowledge sharing

Establish organisation's principles and policies for knowledge management

Establish a cooperative culture of knowledge sharing across the organisation

Spearhead design of knowledge management systems

Oversee the development of processes and materials which support knowledge management

Oversee intellectual capital management processes, involving external legal parties

Evaluate emerging knowledge management tools and systems to be implemented

Evaluate overall effectiveness in knowledge management systems and processes

Endorse improvement plans to knowledge management systems and processes