IT Strategy

Plan, develop and communicate effective inward- and outward-facing IT strategies, solutions and action plans, driven by environment scanning and assessment of the business' future needs and long-term strategic direction. This involves devising internal management strategies and models to support and sustain IT transformations and alignment of IT investments and programmes with the strategy to optimise the business value from IT



Competency Area

Strategy Planning and Implementation


Generate insights

Identify issues that the strategy planning process should address

Evaluate the current internal and external environment of the organisation to determine possible gaps and improvement opportunities

Analyse relevant information or data to plan for IT business strategies and internal process strategies

Conduct an initial assessment of various IT business process models or internal process management systems

Document the mission, vision, objectives and strategies of the IT organisation

Propose small-scale IT initiatives or programmes that can enhance business value and yield benefits

Conduct ROI and cost- benefit analysis on current or potential IT programmes

Create an IT strategy, and develop transformation initiatives

Align the IT organisation’s strategic plan with the industry environment and current organisational goals

Support the creation and upgradation of the IT organisation's mission, vision, objectives and strategies

Define IT transformation initiatives that support the modernisation of the IT landscape by the consolidation of platforms, virtualisation or other state-of-the-art technologies

Evaluate and prioritise IT improvement opportunities against business needs and projected requirements

Develop and drive action plans for the key changes or new directions in IT strategy

Establish a business case for IT investments, based on the potential impact on the business

Drive new IT programmes and processes that yield sustainable benefits and generate value for the organisation

Evaluate the impact of changes by reviewing IT business process models and their outcomes

Establish future vision and key priorities for the IT organisation based on a projection of industry trends and developments

Establish a clear and forward-looking vision for the IT function

Evaluate industry trends, movements and development, and their alignment with the IT organisation's strategic direction

Project the current and future internal and external environment of the IT organisation so as to assess opportunities and threats

Set strategic direction and objectives that align IT organisation strategy with business goals

Modernise the IT landscape and chart future-focused key transformation initiatives

Align business decisions on technology investments to the organisation's strategic priorities

Prioritise current and potential IT programmes in relation to current and future resources and benefits