Integrated System Design and Application

Manage systems of interrelated computing devices and systems, mechanical and digital machines, objects and people to allow transfer of data over the network so as to support business requirements



Competency Area

Technology Management


Implement system integration plans

Implement system integration plans to address business requirements, while adhering to risk management measures and standard control procedures

Implement test methodologies for integration of databases

Maintain availability and performance of integrated systems

Implement performance diagnostics and troubleshooting

Analyse and prepare reports of usage metering and billing

Implement risk management measures for business continuity and disaster recovery

Implement control procedures to ensure information and IT security

Develop system integration approaches and review system integration procedures

Develop integration approaches and integration tools to address system integration requirements

Facilitate system development and implementation planning through assessments or development of system engineering management plans and system integration and test plans

Review usage of integrated systems using key performance metrics

Review usage metering and billing integration

Develop standard control procedures for risk management, business continuity and disaster recovery

Develop control procedures to ensure information and IT security

Formulate system integration strategies and formulate control measures

Lead assessments of current and future business requirements

Drive change and risk impact analyses between IT infrastructures and related databases

Drive system integration solutions to allow transfer of data over the network

Formulate key metrics and methods for monitoring usage of integrated systems

Formulate usage metering and billing models for integrated system designs

Formulate business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans

Formulate information security guidelines based on organisation’s information security frameworks

Guide system engineering teams to ensure relevant legal and regulatory issues are adhered to during system integration