Human Resource Practices Implementation

Implement of human resource (HR) practices by integrating local and international requirements, guidelines and best practices



Competency Area

Human Resource Planning


Implement human resource (HR) practices in the organisation

Interpret HR policies and practices and their implications on employees

Implement HR programmes and policies

Gather feedback from employees on the impact of HR practices

Develop communication materials related to current HR practices

Support the communication of HR policies and practices to employees

Implement HR handbook

Review current HR practices

Review human resource (HR) practices and recommend enhancements

Analyse HR practices in accordance with regulatory guidelines

Identify changes required to HR systems for better alignment with industry best practices

Recommend enhancements to senior management, indicating rationale, costs and benefits for buy-in

Develop HR tools to support implementation

Supervise implementation of HR practices in the organisation

Review communication materials developed to suggest amendments

Lead communication of HR policies and practices to employees

Establish human resource (HR) practices and implementation strategies

Determine HR practices that are suitable for the organisation

Craft organisation’s HR practices

Design strategies to implement HR practices

Liaise with senior leaders in the organisation to ensure their alignment with organisation’s HR practices

Determine key channels for communication of HR practices

Identify opportunities in business operations to integrate HR practices

Formulate measures and criteria to determine effectiveness of HR practices

Recommend corrective and improvement actions to HR practices

Integrate current human resource (HR) practices with global industry trends and best practices

Engage with industry HR practitioners to identify global trends in implementing HR practices

Collaborate with senior business stakeholders to translate global practices into local organisational context

Approve organisation’s HR practices

Devise action plans to integrate global practices with current HR practices

Evaluate effectiveness of integrating global best practices within the organisation context

Lead efforts to enhance alignment of internal HR practices with external best practices