Human Resource Strategy Formulation

Establish human resource (HR) strategies and priorities that are aligned with current and future business needs



Competency Area

Human Resource Planning


Implement human resource (HR) programmes and services in the organisation

Identify HR trends that may impact organisation’s performance

Liaise with stakeholders to clarify their current needs and future expectations from HR

Implement HR programmes and services outlined in HR strategies

Evaluate outcomes of HR programmes

Analyse stakeholder feedback

Propose changes to HR programmes and services to meet organisation’s strategic goals

Develop human resource (HR) plans and programmes in support of the HR strategies

Identify key objectives and priorities leading to the development of HR strategies

Monitor influences and trends impacting HR strategy implementation

Translate high-level strategies into HR plans

Develop the financial budget for HR-related spending on employee lifecycle activities

Develop customised HR programmes aligned to strategic goals of the organisation

Liaise with stakeholders to clarify the implications and risks of customised HR interventions

Coach key stakeholders to enable them to implement HR solutions and programmes

Establish criteria and measures to review HR strategies and programmes

Establish human resource (HR) strategies for the organisation

Create a vision for the role of HR in the organisation

Synthesise trends related to management and development of HR services

Consult stakeholders to gather inputs for HR strategies

Define priorities for development of HR strategies and plans

Establish HR strategies for the organisation in alignment with business strategies and objectives

Review the financial budget for approval

Secure buy-in from senior stakeholders for HR’s vision and strategies

Establish criteria to evaluate the success of HR strategy implementation

Drive enhancements to the HR strategies