Human Resource Advisory

Deliver human resource (HR) advisory and consultancy services to internal and external clients to meet their requirements



Competency Area

General Human Resource Management


Deliver human resource (HR) advisory and consultancy to internal and external clients

Conduct interviews with clients for requirements gathering

Set objectives and key deliverables in relation to HR consultancy projects and services

Implement HR advisory approaches and methodologies based on frameworks

Analyse HR issues faced by the client

Investigate causes and implications of HR issues faced

Propose recommendations and solutions to resolve HR issues

Highlight successes and areas for improvement for HR consulting projects

Develop frameworks and approaches for effective delivery of human resource solutions

Develop HR consulting frameworks and process guidelines

Adapt HR advisory frameworks and approaches to market trends impacting HR

Direct the investigation of causes and potential impact of HR issues faced

Secure buy-in for recommendations and solutions to resolve client’s HR issues

Evaluate the effectiveness of HR advisory projects and services in delivering expected outcomes and addressing clients’ needs

Provide strategic advice to senior management on HR issues that impact business performance

Recommend enhancements to HR advisory and consulting processes for greater alignment with clients’ needs

Evaluate impact of delivered HR advisory and consultancy services or projects on business performance

Refine HR advisory and consulting frameworks

Spearhead new HR advisory practices

Interpret the impact of business strategies and priorities on HR imperatives

Lead the identification of HR advisory services and projects required for future organisational needs

Drive engagement efforts with senior stakeholders for the co- creation of new HR solutions

Champion HR consulting projects that drive business performance

Showcase success stories of HR consulting projects

Develop thought leadership within the field of HR consulting and advisory