Business Negotiation

Conduct negotiations to establish win-win outcomes for the organisation



Competency Area

Business Development and Strategy Management


Apply negotiation skills and techniques

Identify negotiation outcomes in commercial situations to establish organisation’s desired position in the negotiation

Identify roles and responsibilities needed to support negotiation objectives

Prepare relevant background information to understand other parties’ position

Use negotiation processes and techniques to assist in achieving desired negotiation outcomes

Record negotiations for

evaluation and documentation purposes

Participate in negotiations

Plan and prepare alternatives and outcomes for both parties in negotiations to support negotiation objectives

Apply communication and conflict resolution techniques to achieve desired negotiation outcomes

Finalise negotiation and take necessary follow-up actions to close negotiation

Monitor and evaluate negotiation outcomes against objectives in accordance with organisational procedures

Manage and direct negotiations and refine negotiation policies

Plan and prepare for negotiation in accordance with negotiation strategies

Implement negotiation strategies according to negotiation guidelines during negotiation process

Provide feedback to relevant parties for negotiation policy refinement

Direct negotiation policies and develop negotiation limits

Drive the establishment of the organisation’s negotiation policy and limits

Set negotiation guidelines to be used during negotiation process

Evaluate and refine negotiation policy and limits based on negotiation outcomes