Environment and Social Governance

Understand the latest industry and/or client standards regarding Environment and Social Governance (ESG) and undertake ESG research activities and document findings



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Articulate its relevance and impact of Environment and Social Governance (ESG) practices

Conduct research on latest industry ESG, conventions practices and standards

Identify opportunities from ESG research

Apply ESG rating methodologies

Integrate ESG research into investment research across asset classes and alternative investments

Engage investors to understand their ESG needs

Communicate ESG investment approaches with clients

Integrate ESG needs into investment decisions

Analyse research on industry ESG conventions, practices and standards for application purposes

Determine relevance and feasibility of ESG application to investor and organisation’s needs

Develop investment and research processes which incorporates ESG factors

Assess investors’ decision making process based on their governance processes, needs and motivation

Integrate investors’ requirements with the investment management processes

Evaluate ESG risks and its implication on investment performance

Develop communication plans for ESG strategies to target investors

Synthesise ESG principles with organisation’s investment policies and practices

Draw insights from leading ESG conventions, standards and practices

Establish responsible investment policies and practices for decision making

Evaluate impact of ESG on decision making in investment and research processes

Define organisation’s ESG position and culture

Review communication plans on ESG strategies to target investors

Develop organisational criteria and assessment of ESG risks