Digital Marketing

Develop, execute and evaluate digital marketing strategies and campaigns to promote online presence and deliver value proposition through the use of various digital marketing channels and platforms



Competency Area

Product, Sales and Market Management


Execute digital marketing campaigns across different marketing channels to promote online presence

Analyse traffic flow and conversion rates of digital marketing channels for trends

Deploy mobile-friendly digital assets and campaigns

Create content for target market across digital marketing channels and media platforms

Execute engagement plans for online customers

Implement organisation’s data privacy policies

Identify trending topics across online communities and forums

Identify digital trends relevant to the organisation’s marketing strategies

Evaluate performance of digital marketing channels and develop processes to create, integrate and improve digital marketing campaigns

Review Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of digital marketing channels

Calculate ROI of customer acquisition tools and digital marketing channels

Develop processes to integrate online and traditional marketing campaigns

Develop processes to create a seamless online presence over web, social, mobile and other digital platforms

Evaluate channel strategies that balance customer needs and business strategies

Develop organisational guidelines for privacy and appropriate use of personal data

Make decisions on digital channel priorities

Define and integrate digital marketing strategies and lead evaluation of digital marketing performance and investments

Evaluate ROI for online customer acquisition tools and digital marketing channels

Formulate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for digital marketing channels

Define goals and objectives of digital marketing strategy

Lead development of a seamless online presence over web, social, and mobile

Integrate digital marketing into overall marketing strategy in alignment with digital trends

Translate visions for online marketing into coherent digital marketing strategies

Lead digital channel marketing portfolio strategy

Drive strategic direction of organisation for greater returns by growing and optimising existing digital channels