Design Concepts Generation

Build preliminary ideas on innovative design concepts and different ways to address needs and opportunities of target stakeholders



Competency Area

Sales and Marketing


Research evaluate and assess existing information that informs new concept development

Generate design ideas and concepts in alignment to branding and/or marketing campaign objectives and target market profiles

Develop design concepts based on fundamental design principles

Evaluate concepts in terms of commercial potential

Test, analyse and evaluate designs to refine effectiveness of the design solutions

Compare concepts with best practice examples of similar products, programs, processes or services

Research and identify different types of design concepts for effective

design solutions

Create specifications for approval, funding or endorsement

Expand the potential of new ideas through exploration of opportunities

Identify factors that may impact on ideas or concepts to be developed, including potential for commercialisation

Develop preliminary ideas on innovative and different ways to address needs and opportunities Establish parameters for developing ideas and concepts to meet market requirements

Review design ideas and concepts

Lead teams and manage the generation of creative concepts and ideas

Develop strategic directions and frameworks to generate creative concepts and ideas

Conduct research and assess resource requirements

Lead teams through the idea generation process to develop preliminary concepts

Choose concepts for further development and

develop project plans Propose solutions to issues or challenges faced during concept development

Pitch creative concepts to relevant stakeholders