Business Needs Analysis

Identify and scope business requirements and priorities of the internal organisation and/or customer’s organisation, through rigorous information gathering and analyses as well as clarification of the solutions, initiatives and programmes to enable effective delivery. This also involves the development of a compelling and defensible business case and the articulation of the potential impact of the solution on the business



Competency Area

Business Development and Strategy Management


Identify business requirements and develop options

Elicit business requirements from management or other stakeholders using appropriate techniques

Gather information from documented sources on business objectives and goals

Review documentation to verify accuracy and understanding of business needs

Analyse data gathered to identify the business problems, requirements and opportunities presented

Assist in analyses of stakeholder objectives and their underlying drivers

Explore relevant solutions or programmes, from an existing repertoire, that can address business needs

Develop or structure solutions to address business and stakeholders’ needs

Present solution options for consideration

Explain how solutions will impact the business and address requirements

Define scope

Lead business requirements elicitation effort, conversations and interactive processes with internal or external stakeholders

Gather relevant information on industry, business strategies, operations and risk management activities

Source available market information to identify business requirements

Analyse existing business processes and information gathered to understand short to mid-term business requirements of varying complexity

Define scope and business priorities

Analyse requirements for alignment with business objectives and priorities

Evaluate potential options and recommend effective solutions and programmes that can be developed, combined or customised to address root of business needs

Seek feedback to validate identified business needs and proposed solutions

Present business cases for recommended solutions, defining potential benefits, options, associated risks and impact

Lead analysis of business needs

Design business needs analysis processes, guidelines and frameworks

Lead complex and comprehensive analyses of business processes and inputs

Prioritise long-term business requirements and their driving factors

Facilitate scoping and business priority setting

Establish the contributions that proposed solutions can make to business objectives

Utilise in-depth analyses and business models to present strong, compelling business cases for proposed solutions

Project long-term costs and benefits, options, risks and impact to senior management