Rolling Stock Bogie Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of rolling stock bogie



Competency Area

Rail Systems Maintenance


Carry out scheduled maintenance work

Perform preparation work to conduct maintenance on rolling stock bogie

Follow organisational maintenance procedures, WI and/or OEM technical manuals to carry out preventive maintenance on rolling stock bogie

Perform functionality checks on rolling stock bogie systems and components

Adhere to safety guidelines and operating instructions for tools and equipment during maintenance work

Record rolling stock bogie maintenance activities and report occurrences of potential faults identified

Conduct corrective maintenance

Interpret work orders and prepare for corrective maintenance

Apply fault identification procedures to determine causes of faults in rolling stock bogie systems

Dismantle rolling stock bogie components for corrective maintenance

Carry out rectification, repair and/or replacement of faulty components

Perform wheel profiling to ensure proper wheel-rail interface

Reassemble and reinstate rolling stock bogie components

Perform functional tests of rolling stock bogie

Adhere to safety procedures when performing maintenance work

Record and collate documentation of rolling stock bogie maintenance work

Troubleshoot, locate faults and recommend rectification

Use troubleshooting tools, equipment and methods to locate and analyse causes of rolling stock bogie faults

Recommend corrective actions for identified faults on rolling stock bogie system and components

Implement procedures on safe usage of tools and equipment during maintenance work

Analyse maintenance work documented for rolling stock bogie to identify possible workflow improvements so as to prevent fault recurrence

Diagnose root causes of failure and prevent recurrence

Establish structured failure investigation and specify functional testing requirements

Apply failure investigation methods to diagnose root cause failure of rolling stock bogie

Review organisational rolling stock bogie maintenance procedures

Propose new and/or enhanced maintenance procedures and/or WI in reference to OEM technical recommendations

Monitor overall maintenance progress of rolling stock bogie to ascertain effectiveness of maintenance procedures

Develop solutions by analysing diagnostic data to prevent faults and failures recurrence

Develop troubleshooting, rectification and fault analysis methods

Develop test procedures for system performance checks

Coordinate rolling stock bogie maintenance with other rail systems maintenance needs