Rail Track Inspection

Plan, coordinate and perform inspection of rail tracks through on-site patrols



Competency Area

Rail Systems Maintenance


Patrol tracks, first-line inspection to detect faults

Carry out track access and possession procedures

Follow work instructions and carry out for track inspection

Identify defects and faults from track inspections

Indicate the locations of defects and faults identified

Compare existing defects and faults to identify recurrence

Report defects and faults to internal stakeholders

Carry out cleaning of tracks

Follow and enforce safety guidelines during track inspection

Document routine inspection activities

Undertake personal protection measures

Manage inspection of tracks & recommend fault recovery

Supervise track access and possession procedures

Supervise track inspection in accordance to work instructions

Operate diagnostic tools and equipment to perform track fault inspection

Apply knowledge of track defects and first-line recovery methods to recommend track fault recovery

Perform user maintenance of tools and equipment to ensure its operational readiness

Improve documentation of inspection activities

Apply knowledge of line- clear procedures to perform line-clear

Coordinate inspection of rail tracks and deploy ERT

Coordinate track inspection activities in accordance to schedule

Determine actual and potential emergency situations and implement precautionary measures

Deploy emergency response team to address issues from track inspection for maintenance and repairs

Monitor the implementation of safety guidelines for track inspection

Recommend improvements to track inspection instructions and procedures

Develop track inspection schedules & safety guidelines

Develop schedule for track inspections

Facilitate rectification of track faults when immediate action is required

Adapt technological changes into rail track inspection

Develop safety guidelines in accordance with safety requirement and Codes of Practice for track access and inspection

Develop work instructions on track inspection

Review existing track inspection plans to propose areas of improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of track inspection