Data Design

Specify and create a data structure or database model, including the setting of various parameters or fields that can be modified to suit different structured or unstructured data requirements, the design of data flow, as well as the development of mechanisms for maintenance, storage and retrieval of data based on the business requirements



Competency Area

Design and Architecture


Identify data requirements and support the design of database models

Identify requirements of various structured and unstructured data

Draft database schemas within design constraints, to meet business / information needs

Incorporate parameters and fields for database models

Implement mechanisms for the maintenance, storage and retrieval of data from database models

Perform data warehousing, aggregating data from multiple specified sources

Translate project specifications, objects and data models into database structures

Design data models and data flow diagrams optimise the flow, maintenance, storage and retrieval of data

Design data models based on analysis of data requirements and project objectives

Determine the parameters and fields to be set for data models

Review developed database schemas

Formulate data flow diagrams to model processes in information systems

Develop mechanisms and processes to optimise flow, maintenance, storage and retrieval of data to meet organisation objectives

Direct the construction of data warehouses, identifying multiple sources of data to be integrated

Establish a strategy for the creation and implementation of large-scale data models and structures

Establish strategy for the creation of large-scale / enterprise-wide data models and structures

Spearhead the use of database technology where appropriate, considering the complex interconnections between different hardware and software

Commission the use and implementation of database architectures, software and facilities

Direct data flow and processes within and beyond the enterprise

Endorse design specifications of database models, ensuring alignment with business objectives

Conceptualise data warehouse blueprints, taking into account any specialist requirements