Train Depot Control Management

Facilitate train depot activities through effective management of depot control operations



Competency Area

Rail Operations


Carry out basic operations without supervision

Able to use the Organisational Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Depot Control Centre (DCC) administrative tasks

Conduct Organisational SOPs for shunting and stabling activities

Conduct basic train launching and withdrawal activities

Carry out security and protection measures for track access activities

Implement train depot operations and signalling system

Manage Risk assessment processes

Follow organisational SOPs for degraded operations

Follow communication procedures and channels with internal and external stakeholders

Follow the functions and operations of DCC of signalling and control equipment

Follow all Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act and organisational safety procedures

Support fleet movement, depot ops & signalling system

Implement checks to ensure DCC administration and operational tasks are aligned with organisational SOPs

Transfer train control at handover points between depot auto area and depot non-auto area

Organise train stabling to prepare for train service and/or routing for maintenance requirement in accordance to organisational SOPs

Handle train launching and withdrawal activities

Handle degraded operations in accordance to organisational SOPs

Facilitate the communication of degraded depot operations

Operate DCC signalling and control equipment in depot

Apply risk assessment techniques to ensure safety within depot

Implement organisational safety measures to ensure safety in depot