Data Analytics

Apply data extraction and analytic methods to analyse and evaluate financial and non-financial information and provide business intelligence



Competency Area

Digital and Data Management


Apply data extraction and analysis using software

Generate reports on trends to aid management decision making

Generate reports on risks to aid management decision-making

Extract and validate data for analysis

Use applicable software for data extraction and analysis

Integrate information from multiple datasets

Apply data modelling techniques to identify underlying trends and patterns in data using statistical computing tools, methods and procedures

Identify patterns across multiple data sets to derive insights

Develop hypotheses for implementing data analytics activities

Use appropriate analytics platforms, analytical tools, statistical methods and analytical approaches given specific analytics and reporting requirements

Analyse financial and non- financial information using analytics and business intelligence tools

Distil data to determine patterns, provide information and anticipate future outcomes

Support data-driven tactical and strategic decision-making

Align the outputs or reports of corporate information systems with the changing needs of those reading and using the reports, to improve support of activities such as benchmarking, decision-making and planning

Use business intelligence tools

Define research objectives for data analytic activities

Review data to ensure that planning parameter are captured in extracted datasets

Evaluate financial and non- financial information to obtain business insights

Lead the implementation of the data science strategy, procedures and metrics to support requirements

Analyse and interpret financial and non- financial data, including big data

Identify and evaluate significant features of performance, including both financial and non- financial relevant performance indicators

Synthesise critical findings and insights within the business context to make inferences and business decisions

Highlight inconsistencies in information through analysis and the application of knowledge

Exploit technologies, such as big data tools, cloud resources, and smart software, to improve backward- looking and forward- looking analysis