Rail Operations Enhancement Management

Formulate rail operations strategies built on rail systems fundamentals, principles and knowledge to drive enhancement of service operations and performance excellence



Competency Area

Rail Operations


Implement rail operations and service improvements

Review the efficiency of existing rail operations and service standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Develop service improvement initiatives by applying knowledge of various systems related to the operation of rail network

Facilitate implementation of rail service improvement plans

Review processes for implementation considering change cycles and stages

Review operational and manpower resource and requirements necessitated by changes and facilitate achievement of requirements

Adapt parameters for safe implementation of changes

Optimise rail operations and service performance

Evaluate operations and service reliability of rail network within the organisation’s purview

Formulate rail operations and service improvement plans

Drive rail operations and service optimisation through implementation of enhanced operations and service frameworks and operating procedures

Drive organisational performance excellence based new and predetermined performance indicators

Coordinate engagements with internal and external stakeholders in communicating change agendas

Guide continual review efforts to monitor the progress of change initiatives to ensure alignment with strategic direction of business and management

Facilitate after action review of issues arising from shortfalls in processes during implementation of changes

Initiate efforts to apply industry standards and international conventions for rail operations to drive organisational performance excellence

Synergise organisational functions to drive operations

Influence the development of strategies to reduce disruptions to business operations during transition period

Inspire the usage of technologies to aid in transition efforts

Synergise engagement efforts with internal and external stakeholders to ensure understanding of responsibilities involved in changes

Influence the application of industry standards and international conventions towards the formulation of strategies and operational activities

Transform the organisational approach towards high performance standards based on integration of rail engineering support and rail operations performance requirement