Rail Operations Control Management

Manage rail operations and control to achieve and enhance rail service continuity and reliability



Competency Area

Rail Operations


Real-time train service information and announcements

Interpret real-time train operation information from ISCS monitoring systems

Coordinate with train and station staff to handle rail incidents and/or service disruptions

Disseminate real-time train service information through public announcement systems and displays on trains and/or at stations

Select appropriate pre- programmed public announcement messages and/or service information according to service requirement

Broadcast ad-hoc service announcement through public announcement systems and displays on trains and/or at stations

Provide administrative and operational support for the day-to-day OCC operations

Report OCC systems and equipment faults and defects Report abnormalities of OCC incidents

Support access control of internal and external stakeholders and/or service providers to restricted access areas of the OCC

Regulate train service and operations

Operate and monitor ISCS and train control systems

Interpret real-time train operation information from ISCS to regulate train services in accordance to service schedules and standards in compliance with regulatory requirements

Control train movements on mainline tracks and/or within train depot

Carry out organisational safety procedures to ensure safety in mainline

Perform the control of signalling system operations in mainline

Handle degraded train services and operations due to technical faults or rail incidents

Support coordination of rail incidents management

Document train deployment activities

Analyse train deployment activities

Recommend improvements to train service schedules and timetables

Manage train service performance

Supervise and direct service control operations and performance within the operation and control environment

Monitor operational control activities via Generic Work Station (GWS)

Facilitate the communication of deviation in service performance to the organisation

Evaluate variances in train services performance indicators

Evaluate reports on performance and safety of train services to improve train service regulation approach

Synthesise information from charts, drawings, maps, schedules, real- time positional information and historical information to aid achievement of quality service standards

Develop train service and performance reports

Develop Work Instructions (WI) and Rules and Procedures (R&P)

Conduct operations and service audits

Manage Operations and Control Centre (OCC) operations

Develop and implement OCC workflow procedures to improve operational efficiency and rail service enhancement

Devise organisational performance standards by analysing performance data for train services

Drive continuous quality improvement initiatives to achieve quality service standards

Develop service enhancement plans

Review operations and service audit outcomes

Optimise Operations and Control Centre (OCC) work

Formulate train service operations and control strategies

Guide OCC operations to meet service excellence goals

Anticipate future requirements of OCC operations

Appraise the performance standards of train services operations and control

Endorse KPIs devised for rail operations and control

Synergise OCC operations procedures across the rail network under the organisation’s purview