Workplace Learning Delivery

Implement workplace learning delivery approaches and solutions to drive performance improvement



Competency Area

Workplace Learning


Identify and articulate workplace learning solutions

Is able to clearly articulate

Objectives of workplace learning

Select the right methods to analyse outcomes of learner profile and learning needs analyses and workplace performance diagnoses

Types of workplace learning solutions and tools

Components of workplace learning plans as required for that situation

Potential obstacles, roadblocks and resolutions in delivering workplace learning

Ensure learning solutions are aligned to learner needs

Analyse organisation’s intended objectives and business performance goals

Analyse outcomes of learner profile and learning needs analyses and workplace performance diagnoses

Develop workplace learning plans to facilitate effective implementation

Identify potential pitfalls, obstacles or challenges to implementation of workplace learning

Implement appropriate workplace learning solutions

Manage stakeholder needs and expectations upon implementation of workplace learning solutions

Develop workplace coaching plan

Implement workplace coaching strategies

Assess workplace learning delivery against performance metrics

Develop follow-up workplace learning plans to drive sustain performance improvement and learning retention

Customise learning delivery approaches

Establish the parameters and strategic objectives of workplace learning delivery

Evaluate application of trends and emerging developments in workplace learning delivery

Define principles for developing workplace learning delivery plans

Develop workplace learning implementation processes

Evaluate potential implementation impacts

Formulate countermeasure strategies and change management approaches to resolve workplace learning challenges

Define principles for developing workplace coaching plans

Conceptualise strategies to sustain long-term learning retention and performance improvements