Data Analytics System Design

Integrate the use of data analytics in the production environment for the identification of bottlenecks and system improvements



Competency Area

Big Data Analytics


Ingest and prepare the data for analytics

Review the data requirements required for the analytics project

Ingest data from different data sources into the analytics platform using the tools and/or programming language

Cleanse and transform the data according to the data requirements to support the analytics project

Resolve and follow up with any issues arising during the data preparation

Review the requirements of the statistical model to align with business needs

Select the runtime environment for the statistical model to be deployed and user requirements with the relevant stakeholders

Define the analytics architecture requirements with the IT team to deploy the statistical model

Develop the process to support the operations of the model with relevant stakeholders

Monitor and tune the deployed model to ensure that it delivers the expected outcomes and aligns with the business changes

Define the hypotheses technologies and tools

Define the business problem with the business stakeholders

Formulate the hypotheses based on the business problem

Evaluate and select the appropriate the Big Data technologies and tools

Design and drive the solution based on the business problem and hypotheses