Strategic Workforce Planning

Develop workforce strategies and plans to determine the manpower and capabilities needed for the future



Competency Area

Human Resource Planning


Implement talent capability assessment tools

Identify the talent assessment tools required

Engage potential or current employees to provide information required for the capability assessment

Administer talent assessment tools to various candidates for the different job roles

Engage talent assessment vendors to perform talent capability assessments

Evaluate capability assessment results

Develop talent capability assessment tools and

Develop appropriate talent assessment processes for the organisation

Advise on talent assessment tools based on organisation’s requirements

Tailor capability assessment tools and processes to different roles and situations

Determine the parties involved in talent capability assessments

Communicate the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders involved in talent capability assessment

Communicate assessment outcomes and findings to individuals and business units concerned

Coach stakeholders on the use of talent assessment tools

Review best practices in talent capability assessment to identify new tools or potential improvements

Recommend refinements to talent capability assessment process

Formulate talent capability assessment frameworks

Establish the overall talent capability assessment frameworks

Define criteria to identify high-potentials in the organisation

Review capability assessment results to ensure conclusions are accurate and fair

Integrate talent assessment frameworks with other HR frameworks across the organisation