Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Manage stakeholder expectations and relationships through effective communication, negotiation and alignment of their needs with the organisation's or human resource (HR) objectives



Competency Area

General Human Resource Management


Develop workforce planning processes

Identify organisational workforce planning and capability requirements

Engage stakeholders to generate buy-in and insights on productivity and demand drivers

Develop plans to implement workforce planning solutions

Develop data-gathering processes to support projection and planning of workforce strategies

Analyse supply, demand, capability and productivity gaps in the workforce

Review best practices in workforce planning to identify potential areas for improvements

Recommend solutions to refine workforce strategies

Drive workforce planning strategies in the organisation

Synthesise manpower and staffing requirements to meet business needs

Evaluate the organisation’s current and future core capabilities required to deliver against business strategies

Review processes for workforce strategy development and implementation

Recommend improvements to processes for workforce strategy development and implementation

Develop workforce strategies and staffing plans to meet identified manpower requirements

Recommend workforce planning strategies to key stakeholders

Recommend tools and resources to support implementation of manpower requirements

Oversee integration of strategies to deliver manpower requirements

Review effectiveness of workforce planning strategies to meet business needs

Recommend enhancements to workforce planning strategies

Formulate strategic workforce planning initiatives

Project future manpower and staffing needs in alignment with business direction

Endorse processes for workforce strategy development and implementation

Spearhead organisation’s staffing strategies in view of business priorities and needs

Secure buy-in from senior management for workforce planning and staffing strategies

Oversee development and acquisition of tools and resources to support workforce planning

Spearhead the incorporation of new and emerging tools and methodologies in workforce planning

Evaluate current and future impact of workforce planning strategies on business achievement