Selection Management

Facilitate the development and implementation of selection strategies and processes to recruit suitable candidates for the organisation



Competency Area

Employee Attraction


Administer selection processes

Consolidate documentation used for the selection activities

Manage administrative systems to safeguard confidentiality of information related to selection

Handle enquiries related to the selection processes

Check for completeness of documentation required to carry out selection processes

Coordinate schedules and logistics for selection processes

Administer routine selection tests and assessments according to guidelines

Generate reports on the outcomes of assessment and selection activities

Suggest improvements in the administration of selection processes

Implement selection plans

Propose selection criteria and methods for use during selection processes

Evaluate applications to shortlist candidates

Engage candidates to deliver relevant information and clarify queries

Conduct background checks on candidates to authenticate information conveyed

Apply the appropriate techniques to gather information for review of applications

Evaluate data gathered from the selection processes to select suitable candidates

Inform candidates of the selection process results

Secure commitment of line managers involved in the selection of candidates

Develop selection plans

Identify legal and regulatory requirements for the hiring of candidates

Develop appropriate recruitment channels, selection criteria and methods for use in hiring and selection

Tailor the selection processes to different roles

Determine the parties involved in the selection of candidates

Train line managers in selection processes, methodologies and techniques

Lead the evaluation of assessment data to select the preferred candidates

Determine duration and closure of selection processes

Identify improvements to current selection processes with reference to industry best practices

Recommend refinements to selection processes

Establish organisation-wide selection strategies

Analyse emerging trends related to organisation selection strategies

Identify organisational issues that may impact selection

Align selection strategies and criteria with organisational requirements

Engage relevant stakeholders in developing organisational selection strategies

Develop plans to implement organisation- wide selection strategies

Evaluate costs and benefits of recruitment channels, processes and tools used

Secure resources to deliver objectives of organisational selection strategies

Review selection processes against organisational performance

Endorse refinements to selection activities