Organisational Event Management

Plan and manage the execution of organisation-wide and external events, including pre- and post-event activities



Competency Area

Workforce Engagement


Support the execution of organisation-wide events

Propose ideas for events that are aligned to the organisational culture and priorities

Liaise with vendors on event requirements

Execute pre-event communication and engagement activities according to policies and procedures

Disseminate information and reminders before the events

Track employee responses to the events

Coordinate logistical needs leading up to the events

Gather post-event feedback

Complete event close- out activities

Manage events to ensure smooth execution

Develop ideas for organisational events that can boost employee engagement and performance

Detail action plans and contingency plans for events

Mange event budgets and resources

Articulate the performance and quality expected of event deliverables to vendors

Communicate event objectives to employees

Oversee pre-event engagement activities

Conduct pre-event briefings with key stakeholders involved in the events

Handle event exigencies where required

Develop post-event evaluation reports

Highlight successes and areas of improvement post-event to the working teams

Plan events aligned to the organisation’s objectives

Set objectives of organisational events

Align events with the organisation and HR strategies

Develop event plans

Align events with organisational and legislative policies and requirements

Engage key stakeholders to seek buy-in and obtain their commitment to grace the events

Review the detailed action plans for implementation

Negotiate with vendors and stakeholders to secure required resources

Evaluate the impact of events on business performance

Enhance internal processes in event management

Present post-event outcomes to key stakeholders