Organisation Management

Oversee and manage centre operations to drive operational excellence



Competency Area

General Management


Implement policies and processes that drive excellence

Is able to accurately collect data on Organisation’s desired outcomes

Types of tools used for impact assessment of learning solutions and interventions

Methods for conducting organisational impact analyses

Performance improvement metrics

Impact of learning solutions and interventions

Methods of gathering feedback

Financial metrics for assessing learning solution and intervention impact

Ethical and legal considerations relating to organisational impact analysis

Components of organisational impact reports

Implement organisational policies and processes

Assess the organisation’s prior operational context and processes

Determine the organisation's desired outcomes relating to learning and performance improvement

Identify linkages between the organisation’s desired outcomes and the learning solution and intervention outcomes

Identity appropriate performance improvement metrics

Deploy relevant tools and methods to conduct organisational impact analyses

Assess financial performance metrics of learning solutions and interventions to calculate return on investment and other required measurements

Conduct predictive analyses to anticipate long-term organisational impact of learning solutions and interventions

Consolidate stakeholder feedback to assess impact of learning solutions and interventions

Prepare organisation impact analysis report

Identify outstanding performance gaps to determine further improvement actions and opportunities

Lead evaluation of policies and processes

Determine the objectives and scope which should be used for organisational impact analyses

Lead selection of metrics to be used in organisational impact analyses

Design methods and processes which can be used during organisational impact analyses

Develop strategies for collecting and evaluating stakeholder inputs to inform organisational impact analyses

Design organisational impact analyses processes which ensure legal and ethical considerations are managed

Design processes to facilitate performance gap identification

Establish framework for organisational impact analysis reports

Evaluate organisational impact analyses to identify process improvement opportunities